[Adult ONLY] Virtual Townhall

Anyone is welcome, but we are especially interested in the voices, perspectives, and opinions of professionals, teachers & college students.

About this Event

Are you not a young person (i.e. graduated college), but still want to know what the Youth Climate Future Forum is and how you can help? Are you a recent college graduate, graduate student, or young professional and want to offer your services, skills, and/or mentorship to those younger than you? Are you an educator, and want to know more to share with your students? Are you an environmental organization that wants to be involved in some capacity, or have expertise to share to help craft the content for the virtual Forum? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, this is the webinar for you!

The NEO Youth Climate Future Forum is borne out of the urgent need to activate youth voices in the dialogue and action on climate change and resilience in Northeast Ohio. The Forum is creating a platform to bring together a growing youth climate network in the region to exchange ideas and lessons, share learnings, and support training opportunities. The Forum will bring together a group of about 300 vibrant, passionate, and environmentally conscious young people from seven counties in the region for a day-long (and optional weekend-long) virtual exchange of knowledge, experiences, and preparation for collective action. The planning and facilitation of this Forum are being led by the World Economic Forum - Global Shapers Cleveland Hub.


  • Welcome and introductions
  • Introduction and orientation
  • Who are the Global Shapers?
  • The problem - climate change impacts to this region + a global perspective
  • Our goal - NEO Youth Climate Future Forum
  • Principles of engagement
  • Organizational needs:
  • Financial support
  • Resource and access support
  • Expertise, speaker and facilitator support
  • Volunteers
  • Closing thoughts and remarks
  • How to stay involved with us

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